Monday, November 30, 2009


Today we submitted out website. we were delighted with the end result!
hope we get a good mark in it now :) so tired after a long day in college.
We had an exam today on Data bases, it was so hard.
I couldn't even understand the questions but hopefully our group data base will go well and i wont have to be back here in August.
I hope the strike goes ahead on Thursday so we can get some work done!


Sunday, November 29, 2009


So lloyd is really gone from xfactor :'( Stacy or Joe to win!!
so we have our website done yay love it!!
Niamhs 21st Sat night in Tralee ahh cant wait going to be some night :)
its getting so close to the exams now its scary :(
I only have one week to study for 5 exams now because we have so many projects to do!
I still havent found my work experience yet must get on to that now this week.
Christmas is so close now its scary, then we have January off..
Heard Cheryl Coles new song the weekend and its not great the videos so weird aswel!
I cant believe we have nearly finished third year in college its so scary like.
Definatly going away this summer, anywhere ha get me out of this place!!

anyway best be off exam in the morning.
bye xx

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello everyone,
Had loads of work last week to do, a 2000 word essay, a 3000 word essay and 2 exams :( found it very hard to get the 3000 words but i did it yay!!

It is so cold out!

We had a class party Tuesday, it was brill very good laugh the bailey was packed, we went to cubins then. we had a house party back at mine then which resulted in a verbal warning so all the signs of a good nite!!

Going out again tonight again cant wait going to my friends house first in Brookfield then to town :)

Graduation is on today around college its making us all wounder if we;l actually make it to next year!!

We have so much work to do in the next two weeks have to put the heads down now!!

anyway im off for now bye xx

Monday, November 2, 2009


hello :)
So halloween was very good, town was really packed some cool costumes aswel.
John and Edward are still strong in the xfactor!
Jls were very good on the xfactor last night, Bon Jovi was a bit of a let down I thought.
Its Declans birthday now tonight cant wait party at Mag's and Marians coming aswel =)
College is flying by not long now until we have work experience scary stuff!! :(
anyway must go busy busy

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hello again.
So the xfactor, whats going on like? The twins are getting an awful doing.
I know there awful and good acts are getting kicked out but I do think that its not fair on them its not their fault they got threw to the final 12!
Cheryls live performance was very good but i thought she should have sang live.

I was sick all the week before last so missed loads in college :( ended up in hospital..

So many assignments to do now and so little time!
Hallowwen now this week/weekend cant wait to see all the costumes! were having a house party to should be fun!
any way all for now

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


hello bloggers!

Ok so its getting in to the swing of things in college

with assessments and i of course had to get sick=(

We went on a mystery tour last Thursday great laugh,

we ended up in Limerick. Pretty random how we ended up going.

we should have a class one actually.
This is us nearly in Limerick so dont really remember this =)

I am loving X factor this year its brilliant. There are very

good singers in it this year. I cant pick my favourite I like Stacey and Daniel.

I watched The House Bunny a few weeks ago. It was very funny. "Who likes short shorts?

Anna Faris likes short shorts." ha! She plays the super nice but absolutely brainless Shelley,

a Playboy bunny who is kicked out of the mansion when she turns the "old" age of 27

that's 59 in bunny years!

Homeless, Shelley moves into a sorority house, that is in

danger of being closed down because of lack of pledges, and teaches the socially unskilled

students a thing or two about how to attract boys.

But there's a rival sorority house set on finishing off Shelley's girls and

buying the sorority house. When it comes to Shelly herself going on a

date she is suddenly shy because she

actually likes him. You will have to watch it to find out the rest:P

Thats all for now

bye x x

Monday, October 5, 2009

5th October

freshers week has finally come to an end=(
Lindsays birthday was brill!!
sangria mmm yum ha.

We're going to find it so boring this week.
Exams are starting this week actually so going to be a big reality check.
Its one of my very few 9am starts and were in week 4 disgrace I know!!

anyway im off bye for now!!